Music Ordering Information:

I'm pretty low tech. If you find a song you'd like to use, please email me with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Church Name
  • Number of copies needed
  • If you'll only need congregational song rights, or if you'll be having a choir as well.

Choral copies are $25/up to 20 choristers, musicians, director. If you need a widely different number, let me know and we'll find a workable solution. Music for the congregation is $10/100 worshippers on your average Sunday. Generally that will be a minimum $35 charge. You may use our music for non-salable use, which does include streaming in your online services.

Payment is by check to me via snail mail. I will provide those details upon your order.

Thank you! Stay well, and keep the music making happening! It's one of our solaces right now, and your work brings joy to many more lives that you ever know.


We Long To Give

A short meditation congregational song by Beverly Feldt and Angela Salvaggione. © 2020 B. Feldt and A. Salvaggione. All Righrts Reserved

We long to give from deep within 
The human heart must open wide, 
Pour out the wealth that flows in-side, 
Empty our cup; it fills again