From the recording Together We Are More

This song was debuted at the Meadville Lombard Theological School's January 2015 Convocation.
© 2015 Leslie Takahashi and Angela Salvaggione. All Rights Reserved.


I am the hope,
You are the courage
Together we are more. (2x)
We can face unknown tomorrows with the strength of where we’ve seen,
We can glimpse the far horizon, see the forest and the trees.
If we join in faith together in belov’d community
We will know this world as heaven in its love and unity.
We can hear another’s story; let its telling shape our own,
We can witness to life’s heartaches and we need not feel alone.
We can learn new ways of knowing til our deepest hopes be known,
We can honor all the journeys and bring all the trav’lers home.
We can keep each other moving on the path however long,
We can keep the goal before us of a world where all belong.
We can know the earth beneath us, reaching out to right her wrongs,
As we journey, all together, in the love which makes us strong.
Lyrics © 2015 Leslie Takahashi. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.