1. We Come Here

From the recording We Come Here

Our first collaboration together! The recording is from the May 22, 2016 service. Music directed by guest conductor Sally McCord of UU Lexington.


We come here
To try what we never try
We come here
To do what we fear to do
Sing loudly
Breathe deeply
Give freely
Dance and shout
Speak honestly
Hear patiently
Love openly
Trust and doubt.
We come here to
Laugh with each other’s joy inside
To ache with each other’s pain inside
To treasure each other’s lives inside
To see with each other’s eyes inside
And this day
We’ll try what we’ve never tried
Do what we’ve feared to do
Be who we long to be
We come here
lyrics © 2016 Beverly Feldt. music © 2016 Angela Salvaggione. All Rights Reserved.