We Have Enough - Silliman Competition Winner 

Earlier this month, the hymn We Are Enough, a work by lyricist Beverly Feldt and music by Angela Salvaggione, won 3rd place at the UUMN (now AUUMM) Vincent B. Silliman Hymn Competition. From among nearly 200 entries, We Are Enough was among twelve excellent finalists. These final twelve hymns were then sung and voted on by UUMN members on August 4, 2018, and was awarded third place. 

Three pieces to be published by Imagine 

Just got word that three of my bassoon pieces will be published by Imagine Music Publishing:

Light in the Darkness - a late elementary piece that introduces students to tenor clef.

From 62 to Thursday - a jazzy intermediate piece with fun challenges in both the bassoon and piano parts

Etudes in All Keys for Advancing Students - 24 melodic etudes to help develop familiarity in all keys

World Premiere 

One September 10, 2017, The Baha'i Festival Chorus of Sydney, Australia beautifully performed the premiere of my anthem, He is the Glory of Glories! The program consisted of seven world premiers, written by composers and sung by choristers from across the world.

We're the Water in the Waves now Available 

In collaboration with Leslie Takahashi, our first published choral work, We're the Water in the Waves has just been made available through Imagine Music Publishing!

UUMN Convention 2016 Madison - Reading Session 

An anthem I wrote with lyricist Leslie Takahashi, We're the Water in the Waves, was just accepted to be sung at the reading session for the UUMN Convention in Madison, WI this July.

To listen to it, check out my mUUsic link here.


Simply Liturgical Music 

I have three songs available now through Simply Liturgical Music. More information will be coming from them soon. Big thank you to Cherie Perine for encouraging me to write and providing the lyrics!


Hidden Lake - Imagine Music Publishing 

Hidden Lake, for bassoon and piano, is now available through the Imagine Music website here. This lyrical, early elementary piece, works on several musical concepts:

  • 6/8 time
  • long lines
  • uniformity in raising and placing fingers
  • using both Bb and B-natural

Its limited range (bottom line G to fourth line F) give students the opportunity to focus on dexterity and musical line without worrying about complicated fingerings.

Elven Forest - Imagine Music Publishing 

The first of my pieces published through Imagine Music Publishing, Elven Forest, is available here. It is a bassoon solo with piano accompaniment written for elementary students. Technical issues addressed are basic flicking, and slurring up to top-space G. Range from bottom-line G to Eb above the staff. ca. 2:30.

We Have Enough - Silliman Competition Winner

All Shall Be Well


He is the Glory of Glories

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