Etudes on Seconds and Thirds

For Alto or Soprano Recorders, or other Treble Instruments

Myself always a fan of melodic etudes, I've composed a set of short etudes for intermediate recorder players that allow you to work on tricky intervals. I've used many different styles, key signatures and time signatures to allow a wide variety of musical expression.



New book of solos for Clarinet or Bass Clarinet

Unbroken is a set of solos for clarinet or bass clarinet. They are intended for younger students, students with smaller hands, bass clarinet students just beginning to transfer from soprano clarinet, or for students who would like to play music with rhythmic and technical challenges, without the challenge of also having to go over the break. These solos are in a variety of styles and difficulty levels. These are intentionally more challenging that most solos that stay below the break.

October 8, 2020

New student clarinet solo available

Available for a long while has been the bassoon version of my solo, Elven Forest. Today it's been released as a solo for clarinet students, available through Imagine Music Publishing. It's a solo I've often used for solo contests for first year students who are able to go over the break (or who are working on this skill), or second year players who want something not-too-challenging and a flowing, lyrical piece to play.


UU Musicians:

3/23/2020 With most of our churches moved to online platforms for the time being, I wanted to let you know about using my music.

If you've already purchased a song and you'd like to use it for your online services, you have my permission to stream it. Please cite the source (me as the composer, and the lyricist as well). As always, you may only record for non-salable use.

If you find a song you don't already have, my usual terms for purchasing music is $25/up to 20 copies for choir and $10/100 church members. Since many of us will not be having choir, the only fee for streaming congregational music is $10/100 members. As many churches are closed, we can work out payment arrangements as necessary. Most importantly at this time is having music available for us to use. Other details we can work out down the road. If, in the future, you'd like choral permissions, please contact me then.

If you have already purchased a piece,  you are welcome to reuse it as fits your need. There is no annual or per-use licensing. 

I have been getting some new texts set over the past week or two. As I become more technically savvy with getting recordings posted, I'll get them posted in the mUUsic tab.

Thank you for considering using my music. If you have any questions, please contact me. If you use it in a service, please do let me know when and how to listen in. I always love hearing our music performed wherever it happens!

Stay safe and healthy!


If you are looking for my private teaching studio website, please visit


I write music for a variety of performers and audiences:


For Students: I am constantly writing solo and ensemble music for my students, often specifically to pinpoint and highlight certain musical or technical aspects of their playing I wish to address. Most often I write for my first- through third-year wind students. Students have often performed many of these on studio recitals and contests.


I'm happy to announce that scores for several of my elementary and intermediate bassoon solos are available through Imagine Music Publishing. Ordering information is available through their website


For advanced performers: As a member of a woodwind quintet, I write arrangements for our group to perform both for the full quintet and for smaller subsets of our group. I also write primarily for piano and/or bassoon.


Audio files for some of my instrumental music can be found here

For church services: Having been a church musician for many years in various denominations, I've written for a wide variety of liturgical uses. As most of my church music is designed to be sung by congregations, I intentionally write music that is easy to sing and has strong melodic support from the piano. My choral music is most often written as two-part or SAB, as most churches I've worked with benefit from these voicings.


Beginning Spring 2016, I will have music available through Simply Liturgical Music.



You can listen to some of my songs here


If you are interested in performing my works, please contact me for information on prices and delivery methods.