From the recording Here He Comes, Promised One!

Here He Comes, Promised One! is an Advent processional for SAB choir. It will be available through Simply Liturgical Music.


Refrain: Here He comes, Promised One! Prepare the way of the Lord!
Keep your watch, wait with joy! Prepare the way of the Lord!
1. Awaken all people on earth, be watchful, alert! We know not the hour He will come, prepare for His birth!
2. Behold ye, a prophet He sends, preparing the way. A voice in the desert who cries, "The Lord's path make straight!"
3. Come cleanse us and heal us, O Lord, we pray for Your grace. Our hearts fill with joy and hope, please show us your face.
4. Our hearts and our souls we prepare, repenting our sins. We pray for your grace, Loving One, to begin again.
(Lyrics © 2017 Cherie Perine. Music © 2017 Angela Salvaggione. All Rights Reserved.)