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  1. Live Creation

From the recording Live Creation

© Leslie Takahashi and Angela Salvaggione. All Rights Reserved.


Verse 1
In the running of our days
We cross the place where streams diverge,
Then we choose a course and set a way.
In the living of our lives,
We find ourselves now forging paths,
Walking places where no others may.
We've got to live creation,
Love creation
Live creating unity (2x)
Verse 2
If within your heart you find
A seed left lying fallow there;
And if other finds some fertile ground,
Then you might see blossoming,
A harvest that is bountiful
And that flowers into truth we find
Verse 3
If a spark from some small flame
Ignites a dream for someone else
It may build a blaze that warms and glows
If we hear each other's truths
Back into life then we are blessed
By the flames that only new hope sows.
Lyrics ©2015 Leslie Takahashi. All Rights Reserved.