Come Anew to Hope

Leslie Takahashi / Angela Salvaggione


rehearsal track.

© 2015 Leslie Takahashi and Angela Salvaggione. All Rights Reserved.


Verse 1
Hope is a window
We open in the gravest moments
A glimpse of the future
We never thought would come

Come anew to hope
Show the world love's blossoming
Come anew to hope
Give to life the gift of light
From the soil of healing darkness
We spring forth in faith

Verse 2
Peace is a promise
That we present to our true being
A path for our op'ning
With love's compassionate eyes.

Verse 3
Faith is a dawning
That rises on the sun's warm gleaming
From soil rich and fertile
We stretch up toward the sun.
Lyrics © 2016 Leslie Takahashi. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.